Creative Challenge - Messy Hair


This week I was challenged with doing something that I really can not stand. I'm not a neat freak by any means, but I get enough mess at home from my two girls that I just didn't want to do anything truly messy at my studio with paint, or mud or anything dirty.


So for this week I decided on making the model's hair...

- Messy -

How It Was Done

All in all, this was rather easy to execute. The main thing was getting the hair just right. I didn't want really messy hair but clean and messy hair, similar to bed hair. That's not something I can do myself, so I got the help of a great hair stylist, Michelle J. Arce at Trust UR Stylist

I was thrilled with the results; I love how the hair comes out in certain spots and curls into itself all while looking clean yet still messy. 

On the technical side, all I had to use was one Speedlite and my Lumodi Beauty Dish. It gave just the look I wanted for this shoot, I was going for a soft faded look for the final image, but I always need some pop to my photos, and the Beauty Dish gives just that. 

Behind The Scenes

Equipment USed



What I Would Do Differently?

While I do love the hair, I feel like I should have pushed the envelope on the whole "Messy" theme. I got a fantastic image, but it doesn't scream messy 100% to me. 

What Would You Do Differently?

Let me know in the comments below if you feel like this photo is messy enough or should I have done something more like thrown some dirt on the model?  What would you do to make this a Messy photo?