Boudoir Photography: Unzipped & Exposed


What are your thoughts on boudoir photography? Most see it as taboo, while those who take the time to learn what it's really about will see a different story. In this feature I want to unzip and expose some myths and misconceptions about boudoir photography, to show that it might not be as taboo as you might think. 

Misconception #1:

You have to get nude for a boudoir shoot

Perhaps the most common myth about boudoir photography is that you have to bare all and get naked. It can be easy to jump to that conclusion depending on the photographer and the photo in question, but most boudoir photography does not include nudity at all. And any boudoir photo that does have nudity is done with the model's permission. 

Most boudoir photography features women wearing all different types of lingerie, or even just nice fitting clothing. We even created a Lingerie Guide showcasing how different lingerie flatters different body types and what would be best options for your boudoir shoot. 

Misconception #2:

All boudoir photography is done by men

This one couldn't be further from the truth. While I am a male boudoir photographer, some of the best boudoir photographers in the world are women. And the only difference between a male and female boudoir photographer is their unique style of photography. A professional photographer will be truly professional regardless if they are male or female. 

Misconception #3:

Boudoir photography is done in a creepy basement

No, just no. If a photographer tells you that you need to go to a creepy dungeon-like basement to shoot boudoir, just run away. Most boudoir photography will be done in a studio environment (which is well lit), at a hotel, excellent location spot, or even in your home. 

Misconception #4:

Boudoir photography is expensive

Boudoir photography is not going to be as cheap as your kid's school photos, but you should also not want it to be cheap. I plan on going into this topic more in depth in a future post but just to make things simple, on a professional boudoir shoot here are some of the things that go into it that cost money.

- A Skilled Photographer - to not just to shoot you but pose you in the most flattering ways possible. 

- A Hairstylist - to style your hair just like your favorite celebrity or similar to that awesome photo you found on Pinterest

- A Makeup Artist - to make sure your skin isn't going to look greasy in the pictures. 

- Location (Studio or Hotel) - to make sure you have not just a clean, safe place to shoot but where you have privacy to let loose and be yourself. 

- A Photo Retoucher - to get rid of the extra 10 pounds added by the camera (there is some truth to that).  

Now, this isn't even including everything that goes into getting your photos printed and framed at high quality. So when some people think that it should only cost $100, they do not understand just how much work, and professional experience goes into a boudoir shoot. 

While boudoir photography isn't as cheap as a photo-booth, the cost is inline with other professional photography services like corporate, family, or senior portraits. 

Misconception #5:

You have to be crazy thin and weigh less than 100 pounds. 

Another one that is completely inaccurate. Women of all shapes and sizes do boudoir shoots because they either already love their body and want to show off or because they want to love themselves for how they are now. 

The right photographer, wardrobe, and pose will make more of a difference in your photos than even a full month of working out at the gym. 

misconception #6:


My cousin felt this way, and she even asked me "Why do people take boudoir photos?” And this is just because she didn't understand. She didn't know that the main reason people have a boudoir shoot is that it empowers them. Nothing makes you feel better about yourself then seeing yourself looking amazing and beautiful. Some people can not do that on their own, so through boudoir photography, we help show just how beautiful they truly are. 

Boudoir is not "slutty photos with no purpose," boudoir is "beautiful photographs that empower and instill a love of oneself." And that is exactly what I strive for with my photography. 

How do you feel about boudoir photography?

Does it scare you? Does it excite you? Let us know either in the comments below or if you want to be discrete, you can email me directly