Creative Challenge - Improve


Another week another Photo Challenge for me. This one I should have done on week one of the challenge, but I just had to try out other things I was dying to do. So this week's theme is designed to show your growth over the past year by taking one of your first images from the previous year and re-edit it. I learned a lot last year and hopefully these before and after photos will show how much I did... 

- Improve -

2016 Edit

2017 Edit

How It Was Done

Simply put I just used everything that I learned in 2016 to make a better edit. And the biggest improvement was being able to see what was wrong with the original 2016 edit. 

Wrong might be too strong of a word when talking about art. But the thing's that I noticed was that the coloring was very green that's due to my white balance being off, and when working with people who have a darker skin tone, it can be tricky getting the white balance right in camera because cameras are racist (Just kidding, but not really). 

The next thing I noticed was that the texture on the wall was a bit too distracting so I just cleaned that up as well as touching up the model a bit more than I originally did. 

Lastly, I applied a bit of cross processing to cool down the tone of the image and bring it more towards the blue and purple hues. 

Side note: When shooting this image, we were originally going to stop the shoot then I remembered I wanted to try a shot with the chair that I just got. The model was ready to leave but agreed to try one last shot, and then she pulled out this amazing pose and it because the best photo of the entire photoshoot.

What I Would Do Differently

As far as editing I won't know what I would do differently until the end of 2017. I still have a lot more to learn as editing techniques keep changing. One thing I will focus a bit more on this year would be skin retouching though. 

What Would You Do Differently?

If you love this photo or want to know more about how this was done just let me know your thoughts in the comments below.