Creative Challenge - Fake Shower


Let's start off the new year by washing off everything that has happened in 2016. That was my motivation for kicking off my personal 52 photo challenge. Each week I will be taking a theme, a word, or an idea, and getting creative to create the best image possible. This week's word... 

- Shower -


How It Was Done

I have been wanting to do a shower photo for a long time now and kept saying that I couldn't since I don't have a nice enough shower to shoot in. 

Well, that's exactly why I am doing this 52 photo challenge, to challenge myself and stop saying that something can't be done because something can always be done. 

Since I don't have a nice enough shower, and since I didn't want to spend a lot of money renting a hotel with a fancy shower I figured I could easily fake it. 


By putting a piece of glass between my camera and my subject I can easily just spray some water onto the glass and make it seem like its a clear shower door. Now all I need to do to sell the effect is to spray some water onto the subject to make it look as if she is getting wet from a shower head.

Side Note: Because this was a staged shower scene the model was able to wear her pants still. This is a perfect solution when working with a client or model that is not comfortable being fully nude.

Equipment Used


Camera Setup:

What I Would Do differently

So I am thrilled with the final photograph. However, this being the first time I have tried this there is always room for improvement. I wish that I had just sprayed a bit more water on the model especially on her face and her back arm. Her front arm helps sell the effect, but I think more water on her body would have made it perfect. 

What Would You Do differently?

Let me know in the comments below what you think about the first photo of my 52 photo challenge. Do you think it's perfect as is? Should I have added more water? Do you feel it doesn't even look like a shower? Whatever your thinking just let me know in the comments below. 


Article by: Gregory James Thelian