— Stories and Testimonials —

Stories And Testimonials

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“such a great experience”

“Shooting with Greg was such a great experience. He is extremely professional, pleasant and made me feel very comfortable and was great at giving direction and any correction to posing needed. He was also a great self esteem boost with all his positive comments during shooting and made me feel more confident. I have done shoots with some photographers who were extremely inappropriate and made me feel uncomfortable. I think everyone should follow Greg’s example. Aside from all of that he is so very talented and takes amazing photos. I plan to shoot with him again very soon!”

Miss B.



“nothing short of amazing”

"I've never been comfortable with my body, but with Greg, that's drastically changed. He always made sure that I was comfortable and relaxed during the shoot, and the photos come out nothing short of amazing."

Miss T.

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“sexy beasts”

"He has the ability to turn goofballs like me into sexy beasts"

Miss C.



“Confindence to Shine”

"You were able to capture the beautiful, confident and sexy person that lives inside of me. I never thought I would have the confidence to shine like that."

- Mrs T.

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“patient and accommodating”

“Gregory was very patient and accommodating. He was great at directing and made sure my cousin and I were comfortable throughout the entire shoot. Would definitely work with Gregory again!”

Miss M.




"When shooting with Gregory James, there is no such thing as bad photos. He captures beauty in every shot. It was a pleasure working with him."

- Miss. G

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“Thoughtful photographer”

"Gregory is a great, thoughtful photographer! Always asks for permission before even moving the slightest hair, very accommodating, and really helpful with posing and evoking natural emotion in photos."

- Miss G.