How to Hype Yourself Up for a Boudoir Shoot?


The reason for doing a boudoir shoot is to feel like the best version of you, so who better to hype you up to look sexy than yourself. You want to show off your best traits in photos either for yourself or show yourself off. There is no better feeling than seeing a photo of yourself looking flawless, and you can’t help but stare at yourself! Although, it does take some preparation to get yourself ‘hyped’ for a shoot. When you book your shoot, it is best to start getting into the mindset of a model right then and there.

Taking Care of Number One

Taking care of yourself is so crucial for a shoot, as the saying goes, when you look good, you feel good. Drinking plenty of water, exercising and planning what you will bring to your shoot are essential aspects of a boudoir shoot.

What many people forget to do to get themselves ready to get behind the camera is getting some inspiration. What inspires you to feel sexy? If it’s Sports Illustrated magazine, pick up a copy and find poses you think are most appealing and practice, practice practice! It may feel funny practicing poses in the mirror, but it helps you prepare for your shoot.

Shaping your body to look it’s best can make you feel ready and even eager to get to your shoot. Once you find the best poses for your body, you’ll feel prepared and hyped to get behind the camera.

Getting Pumped Up

The big day is here, your boudoir shoot. On your way to your shoot, put on your pump up playlist. A playlist that either makes you extremely happy, sexy, anything that gets you in the zone of feeling your best self.

If you need some help finding some music to help get you ready for your boudoir shoot, we have several playlists that will do just that. During your session, we normally would play our Day Dreamers or Night Slayers playlists, but you can ask us to put on anything that you want. Every month we create a new playlist, so there is sure to be a playlist that resonates with you and helps get you in that feel good, pumped up mood.

Music Playlist

You are going to look Amazing!

Don’t forget, you’re about to get your hair and makeup done…you’re about to look your best. Who doesn’t love getting pampered? It’s like living the everyday life of a professional model. Once your hair and makeup are done, and you change into your lingerie it’s time to shoot!

Now that you got yourself excited and ‘hyped’ for your shoot, you’re ready to crush your shoot with your beautiful self and confidence.