How to choose the Best Boudoir Photographer


I Might Not be the Right Photographer for You

An odd way for me to start an article on my website where I’m trying to get new clients, but this statement could not be truer. There are thousands of other photographers in New York alone that can offer you a boudoir session. But the one thing that every boudoir photographer has that no other photographer can copy, is their own unique style. 

Different Photographers, Different Styles

The main thing to consider when you are choosing a boudoir photographer is the photographer’s style. Look at their collection of work and see for yourself if that style is what you are looking for. If it’s not, then don’t try to force that photographer to give you something different. The photographer will struggle to give you want you want, and you won’t be happy with the final product. It is best to find a photographer that matches the style of photos you are looking for. 

I have a very distinct style that I enjoy shooting, and that’s more of a classy, glamorous, and moody look. Other boudoir photographers might have more of a light, airy, and natural light style. Both styles are great, but I’m sure you lean more towards one than the other. Now that you know what to be looking for let me show you what to avoid.

What to Watch Out For

Boudoir photography is something that you should be sensitive about, after all it’s your body that you are exposing to someone else. And let's be real for a minute, there are creeps out there that are just looking to take advantage. And this sadly puts a negative impression on boudoir photography as a whole. A professional boudoir studio is a safe and clean place where you should feel at your most comfortable.

So how do you avoid working with a creep? Set up a meeting with the photographer before even agreeing to a session. Having a face to face meeting will give you the chance to talk one to one and address everything that will happen during the photo shot. Here are some questions to ask a boudoir photographer to make sure a session is legit.

  • Can I bring someone else with me?
    Now it is normal for some boudoir photographers to restrict who else can sit in on a session. For example, some photographers will not want any men present because they want to create an environment where you can be completely free with yourself.

  • Who else will be there during the shoot?
    If the photographer says it will be just the two of you, then that’s a bit of a red flag. Professional Boudoir Photographers will at least have a hair and make-up artist during the session. Hair and make-up artist might only be there for the very start of a session and then leave, this is normal. But you should also ask if the photographer has an assistant that will be present for the entire shoot. You mainly want to make sure that you are not alone with any one person who you do not feel 100% comfortable around.

  • What time is the session?
    Professional Photographers typically work standard 9am-5pm hours. If your session is late at night, that can be a red flag. Now if you set an after hours time yourself because of your schedule and the photographer can accommodate then that’s a different story.

  • Do I have to shoot nude?
    If the answer is yes, then that’s a big red flag. No professional boudoir photographer will ever make you do something that you are not comfortable doing. If you do want nude photography, then discuss this with your photographer beforehand and be clear about your comfort level.

  • Will you share these photos or post them online?
    Photographers are only allowed to use your photos if you sign a contract commonly know as a Model Release. If a photographer uses your photos without your permission in any way, be it on a website, on business cards, on Facebook, or even in a sample album then that photographer is violating your rights. Boudoir photography is very intimate, and you have complete control over how those images get used.

I Just Might be the Right Photographer for You!

If you are looking for a Professional Boudoir Photographer and enjoy my style of photography, then give me a call, or shoot me an email. I’m here to create an amazing experience where women can feel comfortable and sexy, as I capture that beauty and create some incredible photography.  

Article by: Gregory James Thelian