Behind the Scenes - Light Blaster Photoshoot


I recently got my hands on the Light Blaster by Spiffy Gear. It's a neat little projector that can use custom slides, even old 35mm ones, as well as traditional Gobos to create some amazingly creative photos. So I called up my friend Dasha to model a few shots that I wanted to create, and I'm so thrilled with the results that I just have to share how it was all done.  

Angel Wings

The first shot I wanted to create was using a slide with angel wings. I knew I wanted to have the wings projected on the wall behind her, so I set up the projector on a light stand and had Dasha stand in front of it so it wouldn't be seen in the photo. I wanted to create a shot that could easily be seen in an ad for Victoria's Secret, and I think I got something worthy of that.  


Dramatic Blinds

The second idea I had was to create a light that seemed like it was coming through the blinds from a window. Using a gobo of Venetian Blinds with this projector gives me the freedom to shoot anywhere I want as I am not limited to being near an actual window to get this type of light. I wanted a moody and film noir look from this shot and I was able to get it just from the light coming out of the light blaster projector. 


Behind the Scenes

Take a look at some of our BTS photos, clicking on the photos will not just enlarge them but also give additional information as to what's going on in them. Also, make sure to view our short video giving you a fly on the wall experience in our studio. 

Equipment Used

For all the other photographers reading this, here is a complete breakdown of all the gear and equipment that I used to get these shots. 

Light Blaster Projector Setup:

Main light (angel Photo) setup:

Camera Setup:

Let us know in the comments below what you thought about this shoot. And if you have any questions regarding how this look was created, feel free to post them below and I'll give you an answer. 

Article by: Gregory James Thelian